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Laguna Beach
Santa Fe
All Santa Fe Artists
Charles Pabst
Marie Channer
Sally Fairfield
Denise Imke
Ray McCarty
Jason Napier
Michael Pabst
Todd Paxton
Zane Palmer
Ken Payne
Phillip Payne
James Randle
Kirk Randle
Debbie Edger Sturges

102 E. Water St., Santa Fe, NM 87501     Phone 505-983-1050  Fax 505-983-1055
Inside the historic El Centro 

The Signature Gallery Santa Fe is home to the largest collection of Ken Payne sculptures in the world.
Here in the Santa Fe gallery are two artist's stations where you will often find an Artist in Residence painting or sculpting, including Ken Payne's up-and-coming son, Phillip. 
Visit us and see why we refer to the gallery as "The Studio Away From Home" .

Stop in to see who might be at work from our special stable of artists.
Painters featured: Charles Pabst, Michael Pabst, Ray McCarty, Marie Channer, James Randle,
Kirk Randle, Debbie Edger Sturges, and Denise Imke.
Sculptors featured: Ken Payne, Phillip Payne, Jason Napier, Zane Palmer, Todd Paxton

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